End of Semester Canvas Gradebook Process

In the May 1 memo to all faculty, the Provost has requested that faculty provide all students with “the opportunity to forego an exam and accept their current grade as their final course grade.”

The following information may be helpful in finalizing your end-of-semester grades in the Canvas gradebook:
1. Do you already use the Canvas Gradebook?
  1. Yes = Use the Announcement tool to notify your students of their choices per the Provost’s message.
  2. No = Notify your students on their choices individually. We encourage faculty not to move to use the Canvas gradebook for the first time at this point. Finalize your grades and add them to Banner.
2. Is your Canvas Gradebook updated as of today?
  1. Yes = Advise your students to use the “What-If Grades” function to calculate their total grade by entering hypothetical grades for assignments/finals not-yet-completed. Only students can use the “What-If” function.
  2. No =  We recommend updating your gradebook as soon as possible and no later than Sunday, May 5, at 5:00pm to give them adequate time to decide whether they want to complete your final and be sure to notify your students when the gradebook will be updated (e.g., use the Announcement tool in Canvas).
3. How to Excuse the Final Exam Grade in the Canvas Gradebook
  1. Use the “Excuse the grade” option for students who do not complete the final exam.  It will not be calculated into their final grade.
4.  Submitting Grades from Canvas to Banner
  1. Once your gradebook is complete and there are no outstanding grades to update, you can Finalize and Upload your Gradebook to Banner
We encourage all faculty to reach out to Canvas Support (1-877-257-9780) or to the Center for Teaching and Learning for questions with using the Canvas gradebook. Please submit a ticket for a 1-1 consultation with a CTL Instructional Designer.